Lots of pancakes…

We started our February half term activities off by celebrating Pancake Day a day earlier than usual.  With the help of our Community Champions, we entertained 117 children and 80 adults at the Dalgarno Centre.  We organised the children in to groups of five or six and taught them how to make pancake batter.  To show that this was a serious business, some of our young people dressed up in in chef’s hats and aprons.  Once all the batter was made, our champions started cooking – they made around 400 pancakes in total!  We encouraged the young people to enjoy the pancakes with healthy fresh fruit fillings.

Once everyone had enjoyed the pancake making and eating, we got down to the serious business of pancake racing on our outside pitch.  We were lucky that the rain stayed area as all the children raced around flipping pancakes and having a good laugh.  Have a look at the photos and you see what we mean!

Getting down to

the enjoyable business

of pancake making..

We must have made more than 400 pancakes on Pancake day and nearly 200 children and adults enjoyed everyone!

Pancake Day is celebrated every year all over the world.  It signals the end of winter and the coming of spring and this year if fell in the February half term.  It was a great excuse to get all the local children together to have fun and learn how to make pancake batter as well as enjoying eating them.

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