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Fun during the February Half-Term

The Spring half term term kicked off with a great big celebration around Pancake day when some 117 children and 80 adults joined in the fun of making, cooking and eating around 400 pancakes!   Then this was followed up with a trip to the Science Museum for a bunch of happy young people.  We also ran our football coaching and mini tournament with Milad Alkriche.  Milad’s wife, Layla introduced the young people to some healthy eating habits – showing them how to make their own sandwiches.  But the big treat at the end of the half term week was a lunch of traditional Moroccan tagine made by Layla.

We are now planning lots of things for the Easter holidays and if you would like to know more – email or check out the What’s On part of our website.  All children and young people must register with the Dalgarno Trust to ensure they get a place to take part in our activities.  And any children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

What a great way to spend the February half term – pancakes, football and a trip to the Science museum.  Look out for activities planned for the Easter holidays.  We will be starting our activities from Tuesday 3rd April – register now with