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A visit to the Museum of Brands on Lancaster Road proved a great success for the Men’s Group.   The group enjoyed a refreshing walk from the Dalgarno centre to the Museum.  This took place on Friday, 9th March and as you can read in the feedback below – they had a great time.

“Excellent trip indeed, very useful for my mental health, minimising my loneliness, was able to meet new people, seeing things I haven’t seen before, please we need more of these activities for men, thank you”

“Really interesting walking to the museum of brands, and have seen very rare collections of the past to modern age, that was a very memorable day, just fantastic”

“Excellent activity that provided good discussion and engagement”

“It was a great gallery showing how brands were created and how they have grown over the years, I’m currently trying to get into work and in the process of creating my own brand and this has helped me a lot”

“Good insight into how brands were and bring back fond memories of child hood and family, I would recommend anyone to go visit”


If you would be interested in joining our men’s group on one of its activities, contact  You can find out more about the Museum of Brands here (