Our Volunteering In Partnership (VIP) programme aims to redress the trend in the growing number of people who feel socially isolated and lonely. Our programme uses a team of volunteers to engage people, working together to help alleviate loneliness.

To find out more, and to get involved, please email Pamella.

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VIP Book Club

Our VIP project book club runs on Wednesday lunchtimes, but…

Trip to the Royal Albert Hall

This week our VIPs from our Volunteering in Partnership programme…

VIP Workshops

These photos show our VIP volunteers participating in a theatre workshop with The Outside Edge Theatre Performers. Ian and Nicky showed us how to do drama, have a laugh and even let us try our hands at writing. Their taster session gave us a good workout, a good laugh, lots of camaraderie and plain good fun. All the participants thought they were amazing and would love to do this again. All the world’s a stage and us players are here for its taking.

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