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Trip to Holland Park

By 05/11/2021November 12th, 2021No Comments

A group from our VIP project went on a great trip to Holland Park, with Blue Badge guide, Rowan Freeland.

The History tour of this beautiful park with Blue Badge guide, Rowan Freeland, was both exciting and informative. The back stories of the park brings it so much more to life, you begin to see it in a totally different light, the origins of the park, the characters who lived there and those who passed through. The lavish parties, the good, the great and the not so good, a whole spectrum of lives passing through brings us into the 21C and finds Josh Widdecombe (comedian) a link to the past (see Who Do You Think You Are). Now, we can all enjoy this beautiful space with wonderful trees and amazing gardens.

As Georgina, a VIP member said, “I enjoyed pretty much everything and learned a lot. I found Rowan, an expert guider. He knew everything and it was fascinating to know the park was there but how little we knew about it. Many generations would not have this knowledge . Also, Jennie Kettlewell, from the Friends of Holland Park, is a warm and friendly lady, who chatted to us and made us feel that Holland Park is definitely, a place for all of us to be.”