Yoga4Health Course

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Yoga4Health Course

Free 10-week Yoga Course 

Improve your health and wellbeing through Yoga4Health, a 10-week yoga programme designed by expert yoga professionals and researchers. Each of the weekly 10 sessions lasts two hours and includes:

Breathing practices

Simple yoga postures

Mindfulness techniques


Group discussion

Who it is for?

Yoga4Health is for people who are experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, social isolation or are looking to keep their heart healthy and lower their risk of Type 2 diabetes. You do not have to be strong, fit or flexible to do yoga. This is a beginners yoga course and your yoga teacher can adapt and modify every posture so that you can work at your own pace in a supportive and non-judgemental environment.

As this free yoga course is being funded by the NHS West London Clinical Commissioning Group, you must also have your GP or home address registered within Kensington & Chelsea or North Westminster.

The University of Westminster are researching the effectiveness of Yoga4Health in enhancing health and wellbeing. To help with this research, we ask that you complete a questionnaire about your health before you begin your first class, after you finish the 10th class and three months after you have completed the programme.

Yoga4Health will be running at the Dalgarno Community Centre in February 2019. If you would like to apply or find out more information you can:


Text: “YOGA” to 0759 5453 996

Or send an online application: