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Our Impact

  • Positive Steps Programme - Peer Mentoring

    62% have started further education
    15% young adults starting further education in September 2014
    23% are in some form of employment
    100% Success rate for the first 6 months of The Dalgarno Youth Project Positives Steps Programme

  • Healthworks Project

    75% reported improvement in mental health
    75% will attend GP for diabetes regular testing
    15 Health Champions trained in RSPH level 2

  • Self Assessment Comments

    "My confidence has improved"
    "Volunteering has been so valuable to me"
    "If it wasn't for the community centre being local, I doubt I would have gained the good experience I have here"
    “This life coaching course has truly been an enlightening experience for me and it has most definitely shown me the way to a meaningful alternative career. I am truly grateful to the Dalgarno Trust / City Living, Local Life, for offering such an innovative pioneering project for the local community.”

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Welcome to the Dalgarno Trust

The Dalgarno Trust is dedicated to providing excellent services that promote a collaborative, healthy and dynamic local community for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Community & Partnership

The Dalgarno Trust is a young, vibrant charity that focuses on working within the community and in partnership with local statutory and voluntary partners and social enterprises.

Established in 2004, based in the far northern tip of the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, we are a community anchor, dedicated to enriching the lives of the local people. We work with a vastly diverse collection of community groups of all ages who use our services and extensive facilities to support their activities.

Stakeholders & Community Members

In the short time of our existence, we have made huge steps in partnership with other stakeholders and community members to improve the living conditions of the local area, little more than 10 years ago the Evening Standard branded it “one of the worst housing ghettos in Britain.” when “The Crime and Disorder Audit revealed a rate of calls for assistance of 75 per 1,000 residents”.

Today there is little resemblance to this level of unrest. Our commitment to the community now is as strong as it ever has been, having received funds for the renovation and refurbishment of the community centre in 2012 and the work now completed - we are thrilled to be entering into a new phase of development.

Our Youth Projects, Oasis Café and catering facilities, revamped gym and fitness amenities, refurbished function rooms and a hub designed for and dedicated to the development of micro businesses are just some of the exciting projects we are undertaking to make sure we continue to build better futures… together.

How You Can Help Us

The Dalgarno Trust has already helped many children, young people & families as well as small community groups over the last 8 years in a whole variety of ways. We are passionate and tenacious about enabling change and improving peoples potential and thanks to our funders & supporters we have continued to deliver.

If you would like to donate we would be very grateful. You can do so in the following ways:

  • Donate your time – by organising a fundraising event
  • Donate financially – by using the `donate `button or by sending a cheque made out to Dalgarno Neighbourhood Trust Ltd

We constantly fundraise and we would be delighted if this is something you could support us with.

There are so many ways to do so - is you have some ideas that you would like to discuss please do email us on info@dalgarnotrust.org.uk or call us on 020 8969 6300.

The Dalgarno Trust absolutely could not work without our volunteers, your time and contribution is priceless and there are many opportunities to get involved. Some are described below.

In return you could learn new skills, have fun, improve your employment opportunities. We offer support and access to training. We also offer opportunities for Corporate Volunteers and will be happy to discuss this with you

Some examples of volunteer roles:

  • Project Support Volunteer - we run a range of projects that might be of interest to you including our children & youth programmes
  • Health Champions help us to improving your own and your communities health (BAMER specific and tri-borough)
  • Community Champions work within the Dalgarno area to improve your neighbours healt
  • Office & reception support we always need help to run the community centre
  • Trustee & Governance we are currently looking for Trustees with legal and financial experience

If you are interested please get in touch with Pam Bardouille by email at pam@dalgarnotrust.org.uk