We all know that when more people are involved, more gets done. This is certainly true at the Dalgarno Trust.  We have a small core staff and we rely on the support and involvement of volunteers to really make a difference to our community.

If you would like to become a member of our volunteer team – we’d love to hear from you.  Your experience as a volunteer will count as work experience and hold you in good stead with prospective employers.

Your contribution is priceless and valued by everyone at the Trust and in the community.  And if you know people like you who can make a difference in our community, please put them in touch with us.

Volunteer coordinator, Pam Bardouille and volunteers, Yhen and Fifi talk about volunteering at the Dalgarno Trust and our foodbank on Radio 4’s In Business programme.   You can hear them 10 minutes into the programme talking to Claire Bolderson.

Listen here

Here’s what our volunteers say about their experience with us:


“I feel that I have developed, as it has brought out new skills and different aspects to my character which I have not seen or used before.”

“It’s been very satisfying to know that one can make a difference to somebody else’s life.”

“The project has meant a lot to me as it helped me with my interpersonal skills in listening attentively without being judgemental or bias.”

“I gained valuable employable and learning experiences. I liked putting a smile on the participants faces and offering them hope.”

Dalgarno Food Bank Volunteers

Case Studies

Dalgarno Trust Volunteer


As I have more time on my hands I would like to volunteer in my community. I had a positive experience as a volunteer when I volunteered with the All Saints’ Project in New York (where I was living at the time). When I was there, I worked with young people who wanted to get into theatre.
I have been volunteering at the Dalgarno Trust since the beginning of May this year. I have a part time job working on visitors’ services at a museum so working on reception at the Dalgarno Trust uses my skills and experience.
I like people so this role is very easy for me. It is a very welcoming community –in my experience the people who come and visit here are lovely. I have met all kinds of people – different ages, different backgrounds – it is a very diverse area. I like how the community centre brings people together and that they all enjoy each other’s company.
I helped collect feedback at a recent health event, and it gave me the chance to speaking to many different people – I liked hearing what they had to say. It was a good experience.
I live nearby so I walk here and as I walk home I like the feeling that I have done something useful and good for others.