What people are saying about the Healthworks activities:


“I like the exercises in the park. Really nice people.”

“I am very satisfied with all you have done for me because it is very helpful for my health and body. Thank you very much for your kind attention.”

“Brilliant sessions.”

“Very good yoga session, I liked it and would like to do it again We would like more activities so we can change our lifestyle.”

“I learnt a lot of information which helped me to keep my kids on the safe side.”

“I wish the time was extended.”

“Very informative sessions.”

“Swimming pool is very friendly and nice to see people of the same culture. We work out together. It makes me feel more energetic and empowered.”

“Although it is far from us we still enjoy it. We are all part of the same community, it is amazing.”

“The pool is big, satisfactory shower room. I enjoy all the time with this group.”

“I enjoyed with this group, we all speak the same language and understand each other. Mahbuba explained what physical activity is and how we can benefit.”

“It was a good time to make my own shopping bag.”

“I have really enjoyed the session, very interesting.”

“Very interesting, I learnt how to make my own bag.”

“Very good information.”

“Very useful session.”

“As an Iranian living in the UK I am not very familiar with the law. It was a great session and I learnt useful information.”

“I don’t normally enjoy legal advice sessions as I find them boring but overall this was good.”

“I didn’t have much information before this session. Every older foreigner needs this information.”

“Everything was useful and well organised.”

“I like the activity very much, it makes me more active and fit. The instructor was very helpful and nice.”

“We were so happy with the activity which motivates us to do more exercise and be healthy.”

“Excellent, very good. More please.”

“I enjoyed the cycling, it has made me take up more classes.”

“It was my first time doing indoor cycling and I really enjoyed it.”

“Very interesting, I learnt a lot. Very friendly group.”

“I enjoy the session completely, I felt like I lost weight and the session is free with refreshments provided. The teacher is very good.”

“I met with the physical activity mentor and Asian Women Project Manager – I took advice from her on employment and support. I appreciate that we have a group here at DT.”

“I met Mahbuba and learnt about women’s self-empowerment. I enjoyed the conference and museum visit.”

“The session was amazing. We learnt a lot of things from Kelley and Mahbuba explained it in Bengali. I became very aware of breast cancer.”

“I like the session, Kelley explained with visual material on a big screen. We learnt how breast cancer can spread and different stages of cancer.”

“I learnt more about breast cancer and how to notice any lumps in the body, when to get advice from a Dr and how the treatment process works step by step.”

“I never enjoyed yoga until Pablo. I feel my stomach and back muscles exercised and stretched. Please make him a continuous part of our lives.”