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What people have said about Healthworks activities:


Mrs J was 69 years old and she joined our activities in 2015 but disappeared because of her health problems. I saw her many times at the praying hall, and she was always crying, saying that she was very depressed and needed help. I met her with her daughter at Friday praying, and talked to her daughter about the new walking programme for our group. Her daughter called me to say that her mum would love to join the group walk, she asked me if there is a walk leader to accompany the group and to look after the women. I assured her that we have a walk leader who met the group at the centre and brought them back. After 4 sessions Mrs. Jamila was so happy, she couldn’t believe that she could walk for one hour, forgetting her pain while talking and laughing with the group. She really enjoyed the nature and the lovely view of the canal from Westbourne Park to Paddington and the Holland Park walk.

A lady aged 66 with physical health problem had become mostly housebound. The isolation led to some mental health problems. With the help of her carer she attended the enhanced art sessions which she enjoyed and loved. According to her “I got back my life, laughter and connection with friends thanks to Dalgarno Trust.”

Ms B joined our Healthworks Arts and Crafts session. Ms B was very unsure about sewing classes because she has never used a machine before. After a few sessions passed Ms B was so surprised with herself, she could not believe she now knows how to use a sewing machine and has started making a shirt for her mother. Ms B has enjoyed every second of the Healthworks Arts and Crafts sessions and is planning on buying herself a sewing machine to continue developing her sewing skills at home. This was a great achievement for Ms B, she gained a new skill and is feeling more confident than before she accessed the Healthworks programme.

‘My name is May. I come from Egypt. I live with my two boys and husband. Life is very challenging in London. I cannot speak English fluently. I wish I learnt English more. Mahbuba explain to me what is going on at Dalgarno Trust, Community Connects and Healthworks awareness workshops. She offered me the food allergen awareness workshops, which is completely free. I came with my friend; we both enjoyed the sessions then I asked Mahbuba to take the training on line and pass the test. Mahbuba supported me and I used the office computer at Dalgarno Trust. Finally, I passed the test. I explained to her my current situation, and I am a keen learner and want to do work as well. With her help, I become a volunteer at the DT Community Kitchen every Thursday. Dalgarno Trust community members and staff are very friendly and loyal. I am looking forward to helping in the Community Kitchen in 2020.’